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At TSM, we are experts in providing advanced connectivity solutions for yachts, ensuring seamless integration and uninterrupted communication worldwide. Our team specializes in satellite and cellular technology, delivering reliable, high-speed internet and communication services, no matter where you are. With years of experience, we design, install, and maintain state-of-the-art systems customized to meet your unique needs, ensuring you stay connected at all times.

Satellite technology

We maintain robust partnerships with leading satellite antenna manufacturers and service providers. Our engineers consistently refine their product knowledge and skills to stay abreast of the latest developments in this rapidly evolving industry.

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TSM leads in innovative, future-proof solutions. Our expertise ensures seamless, reliable connectivity for your yacht, keeping you connected wherever you sail.

Hybrid Connectivity maritime

Hybrid connectivity

Our integration methods utilize the best in IP switching and bonding technologies for seamless connectivity. Our advanced techniques ensure reliable, high-speed communication, keeping your yacht connected with unmatched efficiency and performance. 

Intellian VSAT


At the forefront of innovation, TSM ensures our clients are ready with future-proof NGSO technologies. Our cutting-edge solutions are designed for flexibility and upgradability, keeping your yacht seamlessly connected with the latest advancements in satellite communications.

5G at sea

5G and cellular

With years of expertise in integrating cellular services, TSM ensures seamless connectivity as part of your unified communications system. Our tailored solutions provide unparalleled performance for your yacht, keeping you reliably connected.

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