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  • Scott Galloway

Never lose your connection at sea

Why is a reliable backup communication system your lifeline on every superyacht adventure? 

Embarking on a superyacht adventure should be about seamless experiences and uninterrupted connections. At TSM, we understand the essence of reliable communication, which is why we're here to guide you through choosing the right satellite communication provider. Here’s how to ensure you stay connected, no matter where your journey takes you: 

Embrace Hybrid Systems: The sea is vast, and so should your connectivity options. The Intellian E-series antennas offer an exceptional low-cost LEO backup solution. It's all about making the most of the connectivity systems already onboard, serving as a resilient backup with a new communications package.

VSAT Backup is a Must: Even the most advanced systems like Starlink need a reliable backup. TSM takes pride in offering a flexible, no-contract Global VSAT service. With the ability to adjust from the lowest available bandwidth for essential operations and scale up to high bandwidth on demand – daily, weekly, or monthly – we ensure you’re covered, always.

Custom Solutions for Unique Journeys: Every voyage is unique. That's why our globally positioned team of experts specializes in customizing state-of-the-art communication solutions tailored to your superyacht's needs, ensuring you have the right mix of technology and support for a seamless journey. 


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