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  • Scott Galloway

Reducing Expensive satellite communication charges on Superyachts.

Since the adoption of ultra-high throughput satellite services, our engineers have gained valuable insights from installing Kaleidescape systems on superyachts, particularly in optimizing bandwidth usage and reducing connectivity costs.

1. Local Storage is Key: Kaleidescape systems, with their large storage capacities, can hold thousands of movies and TV shows locally on the yacht. This minimizes the need for continuous internet access, which is crucial for conserving bandwidth.

2. Seamless Integration Enhances Experience: We’ve found that Kaleidescape integrates smoothly with existing yacht entertainment systems, providing an immersive audio and video experience across multiple zones without any buffering or quality loss.

3. Offline Viewing is a Game Changer: Guests can enjoy uninterrupted entertainment by accessing stored content offline. This is especially valuable when cruising in remote areas where internet access is limited or unavailable.

4. Significant Bandwidth Savings: By leveraging local storage, Kaleidescape significantly reduces the reliance on high-bandwidth internet, leading to substantial cost savings on satellite data plans. This also ensures a better connectivity experience for other online activities.

5. Mirroring Shore-Side Libraries: Kaleidescape setups mirror the entertainment library of your shore-side residence directly onboard, ensuring seamless access to your favourite films in stunning quality.

6. Legacy Premier Server Compatibility: With a legacy Premier server, the crew can access a vast range of content using existing onboard equipment, enhancing their entertainment options without needing new infrastructure.

Our experience over the past year has shown that onboard media servers not only enhance the entertainment experience on superyachts but also effectively reduce expensive VSAT charges. This makes it an ideal solution for luxury yachting.

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